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About Moogitz

Moogitz is a montly vinyl subscription service with
a focus on the underground and the undiscovered

Between my family and friends, there have always existed a select few artists and albums that we treasured as being our own. Sure, we could all unite in our love for the Bruce Springsteens and Radioheads of the world, but even more precious to us are the lesser known bands, who are only discovered by turning up early to a gig to see the first of two support acts, or from a chance buy from a bargain bin.

Initially, I took these artists for granted.

Typically, I would have heard about them from a friend and never paid much thought to the fact that one of my favourite bands of all time could be completely lost on the majority of music fans. When this started to dawn on me, I decided to not just simply to listen to the music that I already knew I liked, or that was engrained in me as being important by my family and public consensus, but to go out and look for the undiscovered classics-to-be myself.

Realising that, statistically, I likely hadn’t even heard what could well be my favourite album of all time motivated me greatly, and I became obsessed with searching for new music. Whilst the sheer volume of music being released in the Internet age may seem daunting, it’s also this that drives me in my quest to get my ears on as much music as possible.

Moogitz is a montly vinyl subscription service with
a focus on the underground and the undiscovered

The bookmarks folder on my browser is now filled with links to record labels, music publications, online record shops, Bandcamp pages, etc., which I scavenge through every day for new music to listen to. In doing this I have amassed an arsenal of fantastic albums that would have been lucky to even get one or two reviews from any notable music publication. Just as I have been turned onto many a favourite by a friend, I find recommending some of my discoveries to others to be one of the most rewarding parts of being a hardcore music enthusiast and this is essentially the driving force of Moogitz.


In subscribing, you are entrusting us to personally pick out the very best records that we think should be in your collection, which, from one record collector to another, I understand is a great honour and an even greater responsibility. Whilst we can’t guarantee that you’ll love every album we feature as much as we do, we can assure you that each record we send to you is one that has stood out to us as something truly special in our ceaseless search for great music.

George Pheby
Founder of Moogitz

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My Top Picks for Record Store Day 2021 (Part 3)

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My Top Picks for Record Store Day 2021 (Part 2)

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